How do I use rootgrow products?

Rootgrow and rootgrowplus

It is very important that these granules come into direct contact with the plant roots. The planting process is,

  1. Dig planting hole as normal
  2. Look at the base of the plant that is being planted and sprinkle into the bottom of the planting hole enough granules to cover ONLY that area.
  3. Place the plant in the hole directly on top of the granules (you shouldn’t see any granules around the plant once it is placed in the hole.
  4. Backfill as normal with compost/soil and whatever fertilisers are required.
  5. Mulch.

Treating existing plants

It is possible to treat plants that are already planted out. Rootgrow is a living symbiotic product and must have a living host plant to survive. Therefore you need to plant around the plant to be treated (target plant) with other smaller plants that will act as a host. Below ground rootgrow will grow toward the target plant and colonise it.

  1. Choose which plants you are going to plant around the target plant by consulting the table below.
  2. The number of plants you need will depend on the size of the plant that is to be treated.
  3. Generally plant up using an odd number of plants 3,5,7 or 9 spread equidistantly around the edge of the plant.
  4. The spread of the above ground parts of the plant will usually be mirrored by the roots so place the plants around the edge of the canopy
  5. Plant them following the advice in the guidance notes for applying the dry granule formulation.