All we hear about in the news these days about the wildlife are about it’s decline, but there is nothing to tell us what we can do to preserve it! Fear not, for your answer is right here and it might be more simple than you think.
The early risers among you may be fortunate enough to hear the dawn chorus when you wake up in the morning but our feathered friends are in a spot of bother as there are far fewer nesting opportunities for them then there used to be! There is however a really simple solution! Nest boxes are a really easy way to help bolster the number of wings in our skies, whether you make it or buy it they wont care, so long as they have some protection for their young they’ll be happily tweeting for many springs to come.

Something which has a knock-on effect to the benefit of our resident birds is to, well let your garden get a little bit messy! Long grass and fallen leaves can provide a fantastic habitat for several insects looking for a place to hide but this of course means that it provides a fantastic hunting ground for the birds to get all the grub they need for themselves and their chicks!

Staying on the topic of insects, there are some fantastic opportunities to give them a habitat and you don’t need to look any further than our store! Our insect hotels would likely be awarded 5* by these mini beasts as what they lack in grandeur they make up by providing a safe habitat for potentially thousands of insects at one time, giving your gardens eco-system a boost from the ground up!

An insect we have been hearing a lot about in the news recently are the bees and our gardens may been contributing to that! Over recent years the plants we have been growing have not been beneficial to any pollinators least of all the bees, but by simply looking up which plants are best for them and heading over to your local garden centre you can rectify the problem in no time at all!