Springtime for gardeners is an exciting time, as the weather often conveniently allows for gardening work to be carried out, planting to be started, and being outdoors in generally is much more pleasurable as the British climate improves.

We think planting is the fun part for most keen gardeners ! As part of planning your planting, think about what parts of your garden are sunny, and which are shady. Also, when each plant blooms, so you can stagger the colour throughout if you enjoy flowers.

Choosing Spring flowers for your Spring garden is one sure way to make the most of your garden straight away, attracting bees to pollinate the garden further, and giving a range of texture and colour in the garden without waiting for summer.

Some of the best Spring flowers, according to Telegraph’s Top 25 Spring Plants are
Lungwort ‘Diana Clare’ (Pulmonaria), and Alpine wood fern (Dryopteris wallichiana), both are which plants that thrive in the spring. There are also spring flowers that attract bees and butterflies, such as Hawthorn, and the lovely blue Forget-me-nots.

But before you start on planting you are likely to have a few other jobs to do in the garden?
Here is a simple guide to Spring gardening;

Start with Clearing the Garden
Before you get to planting and so on, there will be much clearance work required in the garden after a long Winter. In order to do this, simply clear the ground of wandering plants, rotting leaves and debris.

Trimming Back
Part of clearing the garden involves cutting back and trimming hedges, shrubs and any other large plants that can become untidy and impose on the garden. This will instantly show you what space you have in the garden for new plants, and give a neat appearance.

Paving and Decking
With the months ahead being spent out in the garden, it is a good time to plan decking and paving, or clean and maintain the existing paving you have. A jet washer is excellent for cleaning concrete.

Once all the spring jobs and planting is done consider planning for your Summer Planting and choosing some summer plants.
…..well we did say planting was the best bit!