The fact that the majority of the earth’s minerals can be found in seawater, means that seaweeds have constant access to these invaluable nutrients as they live and grow. Due to the powerful nutrients in seaweed, this is something that has been used in coastal areas the world over for centuries, for increasing the quality of soil, and therefore allowing beautiful vegetables and flowers to successfully grow. In the mid 20th century it was then developed into a liquid seaweed concentrate, allowing inland gardeners and growers to get the potent benefits from it too.

Besides adding nutrients to the land, seaweed also improves the structure of the soil. However, as well as vital trace minerals, the seawater also transfers bacteria and fungi to the seaweed – but this in turn develops chemical compounds to defend against this, and this ends up being beneficial to soil and plants. Aside from enriching the soil, other ways in which seaweed can benefit our plants and soil is to repels slugs and pests due to it’s salty and crispy nature, which the majority of them detest. This makes organic seaweed fertiliser ideal for organic gardening and organic pest control.

Because we can’t all find the time to gather seaweed ourselves, or even live by the coast, the next best option to making this mulch with our own hands is to buy liquid seaweed to use as a fertiliser. Good quality organic liquid seaweed fertiliser will encourage speedy plant growth, as well as healthy development of both the plants and soil. Super seaweed contains natural growth factors; auxins and cytokinins that improve plant development, and good ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to ensure the best fertilisation.

So, for those who cannot, or do not wish to, collect their own seaweed for fertilising their soil, the easiest solution for most people is to purchase a liquid seaweed product produced by an established manufacturer . This will ensure that you are choosing to purchase from a selection of the highest quality products, and if you are looking for a certified organic fertiliser then you can be sure to find one here too. No matter what size of product you are looking for, there will be an organic liquid seaweed in a brand and bottle size to suit your gardening requirements, available for delivery to your door no matter where in the country you live.