Big bee and bug biome


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This large bee and bug biome really is the “bee’s knees” in insect houses! A multi-chambered, multi-species insect retreat, it provides real opportunities for insect study. At the top is a multi-insect dormitory which provides shelter and habitat for solitary bees, ladybirds, lacewings, spiders and beetles. There are pull-out inspection tubes so you can check for developing egg cells, plus full length mason/leafcutter bee holes which form an attractive swirl on the front of the biome. There are holes filled with pine cones and a litter critter zone at the bottom – all designed to attract numerous sorts of insects. The sides of the biome feature Perspex inspection windows so you can easily observe the insect world. What’s more, there’s a ledge at the bottom which provides a feeding terrace for butterflies – just fill the small cups with fruit or butterfly feed and wait for the creatures to flutter in. Beautifully and solidly crafted from FSC timber with a green painted roof and base, it provides insulation and shelter for overwintering insects; a fun, educational and interactive addition to any garden. Measures 65 x 27 x 15.5cm.


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