Blackwall Twin Pack Bokashi Bin


2 x Kitchen Composter with carry handle
2 x Air-tight lid
2 x Drainage tap

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Product Description

This fabulous system allows you to turn ALL kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost.

Meat, fish, and dairy products can now be added to a traditional home composter using this ingenious kit.

The Blackwall Kitchen Composter allows 100% home composting to be achieved by tackling the elements of organic waste that cannot normally be put into a traditional composter.

All food waste can be fermented in the Kitchen Composter before being turned into nutrient rich compost when added to a traditional compost bin. This includes meat, fish and dairy products as well as cooked foods.

The Kitchen Composter is an air-tight container and Bokashi Bran is added as a compost activator.

Bokashi is a dry mixture of bran and molasses that has been infused with beneficial micro-organisms, a carefully controlled mixture of bacteria, yeasts and fungi that work together to speed-up composting, suppress pathogens, prevent putrefaction and eliminate foul odours. Using the Bokashi with your kitchen composter couldn’t be easier, just sprinkle a handful over your kitchen waste every time you add to it. Over a period of a few weeks the food waste then ferments, allowing it to be safely added to a conventional compost heap or dug straight into the ground where it quickly breaks down.

Liquid feed can be drained off during the fermentation process. This is alive with beneficial microbes and can be diluted as a plant feed or poured down drains to prevent algae build up and odours.

Included are two kitchen composters (when one is full leave to ferment and start using the second), 1kg of Bokashi Bran (3 – 4 months supply) and scoop, a push tool and full instructions.

Unfortunately we are not currently able to ship this item outside of mainland UK

2 x Kitchen Composter with carry handle
2 x Air-tight lid
2 x Drainage tap
1 x Drain cup/Bokashi scoop
1 x 1kg Bokashi (3-4 months supply)


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