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Privet (Ligustrum Vulgare ) – 10 Seeds
Privet is a very common hedging shrub in England. The leaves are long and leathery. In June/July, it bears white flowers that are like a small lilac. These are followed by small black berries. Privet hedges are absolutely outstanding screens. The dense foliage of a Privet hedge makes it impenetrable. Privet grows rapidly forgiving the odd slip with the hedging shears and as it tolerates atmospheric pollution a Privet hedge is perfect for town and roadside hedging. When you add its ability to grow in just about any soil and in sun or shade it is easy to see why Privet hedging is so popular.

Sowing: Remove any fruit flesh from around the seeds as it may inhibit gemrination. Soak seeds in running water for 48 hours, drain and mix with sieved peat and sharp sand or vermiculite. Place in zip bag and chill in the fridge for 14 weeks. Then sow in individual pots and grow them on in the cold frame for their first winter


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