Rootgrow Friendly Mycorrhizal Fungi 150gm (a243)


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Mycorrhizal fungi are a remarkable group of organisms that have been benefiting plants for 500 million years. It has probably become the most important partnership in your garden. pumping the goodness from the soil directly to your plant. Many plants critically depend on this relationship.
It is the only 100% UK origin product designed for everyday use in your garden

Mycorrhizal fungi can be used when planting trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, seeds and bulbs. It supplies nutrients to the treated plants progressively resulting in significant growth early and prolonged fruiting. It has become standard treatment for planting roses by standard gardeners shown to combat replant sickness and greater blooms
Mycorrhizal fungi act as an extra root system, one that is better able to find and unlock nutrients for the plant sown roots and is completely natural, environmentally friendly and is the only product where one single application will support your plant for its entire lifetime.


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