Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi 10 litre bucket (approx 10kg)


Faster and better establishment/ reduced mortality rates
Better drought tolerance
Better uptake of nutrients

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Product Description

This product has carefully isolated naturally occuring fungus that encourages root growth in plants and aids the absorption of nutrients from the soil, reducing stress and the reduces the quantity of fertilisers required. By planting with rootgrow the plant is able to quickly establish a secondary root system that increases the amount of nutients and moisture available to the plant. Pantiles highly recomends this product and use it for all our landscape work to ensure our client’s new plants always thrive.
Benefits: treatment lasts forever (as the plant grows the fungal partner grows)
2.easy to use (simply sprinkle in the bottom of the planting hole)
3.earlier and better growth (in 2-4 weeks after planting the mycorrhizal fungi can increase the active root area of plants by up to 700 times)
4.better drought tolerance (due to the vast fungal root making best use of all available soil moisture)
5.better uptake of fertilisers when applied after planting (the network of mycorrhizal fungi act like a net catching nutrients and preventing leaching, especially with natural fertilisers)
6.increased uptake of obscure trace elements (the ultra fine fungal strands can unlock nutrients from the soil)
7.reduced mortality of plants especially specimen plants and plants that are difficult to establish (the extended root system nourishes the plant from very early on in its life)
8.helps prevent rose replant problems (the mycorrhizal fungi colonise weak or damaged roots and start transferring nutrients and water to the rose much faster than its own roots)
•Better and more balanced growth
•Healthier and more dense root system with hugely increased ability to exchange nutrients from the soil
•More abundant flowers and fruit
•Reduced need for synthetic or chemical fertilisers
•Higher resistance to drought
•Reduced stress during transplanting
•Stabilization of surface
•Improved resistance to soil pathogenes and environmental stress
Faster and better establishment/ reduced mortality rates
Better drought tolerance
Better uptake of nutrients
Reduced loss of nutrients due to leaching
Use with seaweed extract fertilisers such as Empathy for best results.


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