Making your own compost has many benefits, including that it is a completely free way of adding dense nutrition to your soil, as well as it being good for the environment. Adding compost is the best way to revitalise depleted soil, and Spring is as good a time as any to start composting.

The time that compost will take to break down will vary depending on the exact mix and conditions, however it can be ready for use, from start to finish, in as little as 2 to 3 months. This means that starting your compost in the Spring might enable to you use it in late Spring, and certainly Summer.

The temperature of the compost should be quite high, specifically 130 to 150 degrees F in the centre. Therefore, Spring is an excellent time to start as you will have seen the last of the frost for the year. To give an idea of how the heat breaks down the debris, It takes approximately 30 days at 140 degrees F to kill weed seeds.

Compost is an excellent way to naturally condition the soil, and it results in a healthy and blooming lawn and garden. It is also an excellent way of recycling your old kitchen and garden waste, and produces something completely organic, so is an excellent alternative to chemical fertilisers. Examples of waste you can add to your compost bins are egg shells, fruit and vegetable waste, lawn clippings, leaves, newspaper, coffee grounds, tea leaves, and wood ash, among many other things.

By introducing beneficial organisms to the soil via compost, this will help the plants be healthier all round, and ward off diseases. While compost can take 1 to 2 years to develop fully, as has been said, it is possible to have compost just 2 to 3 months after starting. Compost accelerators are excellent for speeding up the maturity of your compost while still keeping all the nutrients. have a wide range of compost bins and compost accelerators and composting worms, for sale within the UK, everything you need to get composting this Spring.